Winter Challenger (Limited Edition Prints Only)

Winter Challenger Limited Edition Prints

The original drawing of “Winter Challenger” was sold several years ago to a gentleman from Australia. He has since returned to his “Homeland”, to the best of my knowledge, and has taken the original with him. He bought several other Limited-Edition Prints (1/300 through 25/300), most of which were sold in the Loudonville, Ohio area.

The prints are on Epson Archival Paper, and printed using Epson Ink that is designed to be compatible with that paper. With proper care these prints are guaranteed to last a minimum of 250 years.  

The prints are reproduced on 16 X 20 inch archival paper, and will be shipped flat to assure as little curl as possible.

$125 USD                                 

The next “Winter Challenger” print purchased will be:

Next Print to be sold 41/300

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