The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters

The Iroquois tell the story three girls from three different families. These three girls became very close during the season when all the families camped together. The girls knew they would be separated soon since the hunting season had started and each family would be following a different herd.

To keep from being separated the girls decided to run away together. The Spirit saw how much the girls loved and needed each other and decided they should stay together. To keep the girls together the first girl who stood tall and strong was turned into corn. The next girl who was giving but shy was turned into a bean plant and wrapped around her friend corn. The third girl who was very protective of her friends lay down on the roots of her friends and was turned into the squash plant so she could shade their roots and protect her friends from weeds and animals. Thus the girls became the Three Sisters.

This planting method is still used today with great success.

‘The Three Sisters”

This 24 X 30 inch painting is on canvas, and has been gallery-wrapped so that it may be hung without framing.


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