The Last Hunt

The Last Hunt

Upon arriving in the Ohio Country, the Delaware Tribes formed alliances with Frenchmen engaged in the fur trade. The French provided the natives with European cookware and guns, as well as alcohol, in return for furs. The French and British colonists struggled for control of the Ohio Country beginning in the 1740s, and as the British gained control of the Ohio Country, the Delawares chose to ally themselves with the stronger party. This was the case until the French abandoned all of their North American colonies to Britain. The Delawares thereafter remained loyal to the British and the American colonists until the American Revolution.

“The Last Hunt” depicts a hunting party of Delaware Indians in their final days before they were displaced to the Oklahoma Territory. The old chief and his party are having a good hunt in what is now the Mohican State Park in Ohio. It will be their “Last Hunt before their way of life changes forever.

This acrylic painting is on a 36 X 36 X 1 gallery-wrapped canvas, and may be hung without framing.


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