Cumberland Gap

I promised that I would “Post” about our trip to Cumberland Gap in Tennessee over the Memorial Day Weekend, so even though it’s a month later, and almost the “Fourth of July”, here it is. The first stop was at the Busy Bee Restaurant in Marietta Ohio for a really great breakfast. The restaurant hasContinue reading “Cumberland Gap”

I Didn’t Forget You!!!

Judy and I have been traveling for the last several weeks and I have a bunch of Cool places to show you. However My “Cell Phone” went bonkers, and I am still working on downloading the images. Never fear, Success is fleeting, but close at hand!!! So while I am unraveling the mess, Here IsContinue reading “I Didn’t Forget You!!!”

Canal Boat (5/23/2021

This is the painting as of May 23, 2021. It has been blocked in and I’m moving along with the rough detailing. I’m adding a bit of history of the Ohio Erie Canal when it was just opening up the “Northwest Territory” to put this picture into context. The Northwest Territory, 1787 The Northwest TerritoryContinue reading “Canal Boat (5/23/2021”

Canal Boat 5/16/2021

It’s another week into this painting, and here is where I am today. I was expecting to be a bit farther along, but Spring finally got here, and the weather forecast looks great as far as morning frosts are concerned, so Judy and I have been planting garden. I am pleased with how the proportionsContinue reading “Canal Boat 5/16/2021”

Proportioned Sketch

Hi Folks, This sketch is on the 12 X 24 inch canvas that will be the format for the final painting. The sketch has been sized to fit the canvas. However, although the team, woman, and canal boat are in a one point perspective, vanishing to that faint “X” between the left horse and theContinue reading “Proportioned Sketch”

“Pond” (Another week passes)

Well, here is the pond after another week or so of construction . If things look a bit wet and dreary, it’s because it has been raining for several days, and frosting every night. (What is it that they say about “Rainy Days and Mondays”?) However, Judy and I gathered a bunch more rocks, (mossContinue reading ““Pond” (Another week passes)”

“The Pond”

Last weekend when we were strolling through Roscoe Village the image above started to haunt me. So when I got home, I dug up a perfectly good flower bed, laid down a liner, and began to fill it with water. Then Judy and I wandered around Holmes County, and picked up a few rocks. (IContinue reading ““The Pond””

“A Stroll through Roscoe Village”

Hi Folks, Judy and I have been immersed in “Spring Planting” and “Frost Control”, both of which have been keeping us pretty busy. With that in mind, we decided to take a “Stroll” instead of a “Hike” this morning. We drove to Warsaw Ohio, a small town in Coshocton County, Ohio and had breakfast atContinue reading ““A Stroll through Roscoe Village””

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