Hendricks Head Light

Hendricks Head Light

Hendricks Head is a peninsula extending southwest on the northern part of the island’s western shore, and marks the westernmost point of the island. The lighthouse is located at the tip of the peninsula. The station includes a tower, keeper’s house, fog bell tower, shed, and oil house. The tower is a tapered square-shingled wood-frame structure, topped by an octagonal lantern house. It was originally connected to the keeper’s house via a covered walkway. The keeper’s house is a T-shaped 1⁄2-story wood-frame building. The bell tower is a roughly pyramidal structure, with a central enclosed section housing the bell.

The original light station consisted of a keeper’s house, built on a rubble foundation, with the lantern house mounted on top. The present tower and keeper’s house were built in 1875.

“Hendrick’s Head Light”

This acrylic painting is on a 16 X 20 inch canvas and has been gallery wrapped so it can be hung without a frame.


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