The Painting has Started

I have run out of clay again, so the completed sculpture will not be done by the end of January (Surprised???), however, I have begun to paint the Owl. I have gessoed the whole piece (At least where there is clay), and I am using acrylic paint in very thin glazes. I’ll be covering someContinue reading “The Painting has Started”

The Holidays are over and a New Year is almost here!

Hi Folks, I’m “Really Cooking” right now (or perhaps, I’m just “Half Baked”). Whichever way you look at it, I feel I’ve made some progress last week, and I think that I may be done with the sculpting by the end of January. Then comes the finishing process. I’m leaning toward painting it in aContinue reading “The Holidays are over and a New Year is almost here!”