Big Horn Sheep

Big Horn Sheep

The bighorn sheep is a species of sheep native to North America. It is named for its large horns. A pair of horns might weigh up to 30 pounds, and the sheep typically weigh up to 315 lbs. The sheep originally crossed into North America over the Bering Land Bridge from Siberia. The population in North America peaks in the millions, and the bighorn sheep entered into the mythology of Native Americans.

The Sheep Eaters (named after their staple diet), or Tukudeka, lived high in mountain fastnesses favored also by the bighorn sheep they ate. They were a branch of the Shoshone. Both Indians and sheep found a precarious niche in rugged mountain country at higher altitudes.

This original painting is a mono-color on an 8 X 10 canvas board. It is for sale.


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