I’ve recovered from Thanksgiving

It’s now a few days since Thanksgiving, the family has dispersed, and I have gotten back to building the base for “Hootie” (I’ve decided to shorten the name from “Great Horned Owl” to “Hootie”). It’s been said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so here are three. This is from the right rearContinue reading “I’ve recovered from Thanksgiving”

Still working on the Base

Hi Folks, You are probably saying to yourself—“I don’t recognize either of the two images above!” That’s because you have never seen them before. Last week was the week of Thanksgiving, and I was busy doing Thanksgiving stuff. My wife Judy and I were scurrying about, meeting and greeting, shopping, talking to family, shopping, playingContinue reading “Still working on the Base”

Just a Quick Look Back

Last night was the Opening of the Tuscarawas County Art Guild’s “Fall Show”. The Guild will be detailing that event in their “Newsletter”, but it did allow me to gain access to the “Quail Explosion” sculpture that I have been writing about in previous Blog Posts and get some photos. These are photos on theContinue reading “Just a Quick Look Back”

The Bird Needs A Branch

This is the start of filling the inside of the sculpture with something lighter, and much less expensive than two part epoxy. The aluminum foil wrapping this future branch cost less than 50 cents. If I had used solid epoxy it would have cost over $10. Incidentally the total investment so far, including the turntableContinue reading “The Bird Needs A Branch”

The Beginning of an Owl

Hi folks, It’s November 15, 2021, and I am beginning a life-sized sculpture of a Great Horned Owl. Just a bit of engineering data. A sitting Great Horn is from 20 to 24 inches tall. I’m shooting for an overall height including the base of 24 inches. The base will be oval with overall dimensionsContinue reading “The Beginning of an Owl”