The Bird is Complete (Now for the Base)

It’s been a long time coming, but the painting of the owl is complete. Now all I’ve got to do is finish the base and wait for the standing ovation. Of course, if you check out the base it has a long way to go. (Who da guessed it?) I believe that the triangular areaContinue reading “The Bird is Complete (Now for the Base)”

The Owl is in the Home Stretch”!!!

You can see that the base of the sculpture needs a lot of work, but except for a couple of rough spots the sculpture of the bird is complete. I have the color palette for the owl picked out; it’s just a matter of getting the paint on the bird. Having said that I haveContinue reading “The Owl is in the Home Stretch”!!!”

The Painting has Started

I have run out of clay again, so the completed sculpture will not be done by the end of January (Surprised???), however, I have begun to paint the Owl. I have gessoed the whole piece (At least where there is clay), and I am using acrylic paint in very thin glazes. I’ll be covering someContinue reading “The Painting has Started”

The Holidays are over and a New Year is almost here!

Hi Folks, I’m “Really Cooking” right now (or perhaps, I’m just “Half Baked”). Whichever way you look at it, I feel I’ve made some progress last week, and I think that I may be done with the sculpting by the end of January. Then comes the finishing process. I’m leaning toward painting it in aContinue reading “The Holidays are over and a New Year is almost here!”