The Epoxy Came, So Did The Eyes

Everything has arrived and only a couple of days late. I can’t complain about the late arrival considering the Holiday shipping challenges. Time to get back to work

The eyes came in a bit on the large size, (40 mm. about 1.5 inches) so I had to reorder them. This pair is 30 mm, or 1.25 inches, which made a huge difference. Even “Hootie’s” attitude has improved.

The eyes are only in place for reference, right now. The eye lids still need to be installed to hold the eyes securely. Perhaps that will improve Hootie’s attitude. He seems a bit hostile.

This image was taken a day later and the progress is a bit further along. The eye lids are in place, detailing on the bird’s wing is a bit further along and Hootie has talons in place. (I think even his attitude has improved a bit.)

I have run out of clay again, so until UPS arrives in a couple of hours, I believe I’ll walk to McDonalds for my sausage muffin and coffee. (You will note that my choice of breakfast entrees have improved over the years.)


Published by The Late Emerging Artist

Although I have been pursuing my art in one form or another all of my life, it is still an adventure, and one that I have never tired of.

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