Great Horned Owl 12/10/2021

Hi Folks,

Well, the head is now on the Owl; the chicken wire is wrapped, and all of the insulation foam is in place and expanded. Now comes the messy part.

I am beginning to lay on the first coat of two-part epoxy. The main thing to know about this epoxy is that:

  1. It needs to me mixed thoroughly and allowed to rest for at least 20 minutes before applying it to the sculpture.

2. If you get the mixed epoxy on your clothes, the floor, or yourself and it is allowed to set up, it is there to stay. Try to be neat and clean it off any surface you want to preserve before it sets up. (It will begin to set within 45 minutes.)

3. It is expensive, so keep in down to 1/4 inch layers. It is extremely tough, so don’t worry about its strength. If I don’t have enough depth on the armature underneath, I build up the support using crinkled up aluminum foil, then lay the epoxy over that. (You will see some of the foil sticking out on the images above.)

Published by The Late Emerging Artist

Although I have been pursuing my art in one form or another all of my life, it is still an adventure, and one that I have never tired of.

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