I’ve recovered from Thanksgiving

It’s now a few days since Thanksgiving, the family has dispersed, and I have gotten back to building the base for “Hootie” (I’ve decided to shorten the name from “Great Horned Owl” to “Hootie”). It’s been said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so here are three.

This is from the right rear of the “Base” and shows the start of Hootie’s tail. The two PVC connectors will eventually attach to the rest of the armature. The aluminum-foil is only there to support the two-part epoxy until it hardens. It will disappear into the bird somewhere down the road.

This one is from the right front and shows the feet beginning to take shape. I have formed steel wire. (I would normally use copper, but this is what I had on hand.) Eventually the wire will be covered with epoxy and shaped into the talons of the bird.

This is the left rear, and tail attachment from this side. This about all of the detail of the base I will be doing for now. Once the epoxy sets up, usually overnight, I’ll start attaching the armature for the rest of the owl.

The next time, the “Post” will be about building the rest of the armature and attaching it to this base.

Published by The Late Emerging Artist

Although I have been pursuing my art in one form or another all of my life, it is still an adventure, and one that I have never tired of.

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