The Beginning of an Owl

Hi folks,

It’s November 15, 2021, and I am beginning a life-sized sculpture of a Great Horned Owl.

Just a bit of engineering data. A sitting Great Horn is from 20 to 24 inches tall. I’m shooting for an overall height including the base of 24 inches. The base will be oval with overall dimensions of 18 X 16 inches, and will be mounted on a hidden lazy susan turntable. The sculpture will be in Two-Part Epoxy, and to keep the weight down the armature will be constructed of PVC pipe, insulation foam, and chicken wire.

These are the plans I am carrying around in my head, but at my age, I never know how it will actually come out.

Stay tuned for further developments. If you “Subscribe” at the bottom of this page, I’ll send you an email every time I “Post” so you don’t miss anything,

Published by The Late Emerging Artist

Although I have been pursuing my art in one form or another all of my life, it is still an adventure, and one that I have never tired of.

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