Proportioned Sketch

Hi Folks,

This sketch is on the 12 X 24 inch canvas that will be the format for the final painting. The sketch has been sized to fit the canvas. However, although the team, woman, and canal boat are in a one point perspective, vanishing to that faint “X” between the left horse and the canal boat, the shore lines are not yet as they should be.

The little boy riding the trailing mule, and the folks riding on the canal boat will all be in period dress (pre Civil War), and the area on both sides of the canal will be tow paths. The rest of the background will be forest.

The last frost of the year (I hope) will be tonight. so Judy and I will be planting garden and tender flowers this weekend. I doubt that there will be much done on this painting until next week.

Talk to you again next week,

Published by The Late Emerging Artist

Although I have been pursuing my art in one form or another all of my life, it is still an adventure, and one that I have never tired of.

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