Some “Posts” from Long Ago and Far Away

“Old Format”

Hi Folks,

In a time, long ago when I was only eighty years old, I published an earlier version of “Walker’s Walk-Abouts”. I have since lost the ability to edit this version, so I have reinvented the “Blog” in a newer format.

“New Format”

Okay. I added that first paragraph just to confuse you, and keep you off-balance. However, that “Old Format” had several years worth of “Old Posts” that you might find interesting.

There is a “Post” that is about a hike Judy and I did through “Conkle’s Hollow” in Hocking County. On that same hike, we stopped by the restaurant in “Lake Hope State Park”. There some great images of the Hollow, along with Old Man’s Cave in this one.


Then there is the “Post” of the twenty-mile hike that I took on my eightieth birthday, through Mohican State Park. I try to keep it quiet about it, but I got lost and spent some quality time in the woods contemplating my potential demise.


Then there is the “Post” about how those “Three Bears” came out of a tree in my front yard.

It all started with this, That blob on the right is actually a large section of the top of the tree.

This another angle of the tree top that took out the electric wires and shut down a large section of Loudonville’s electric power for several hours.

And here is that same tree a year and a half later.

So anyway like the old saying goes “If all you have to work with is a dead tree, Make “Three Bears” out of it.”

There are some other “Posts” as well, but I’ll leave you to discover those on your own.

If you click on the “Walker’s Walk-Abouts” below it will take you to those earlier “Posts”.

Walker’s Walk-Abouts | The wanderings of SweetOleBob (

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