Walking the Ohio Canal ( Zoar Area)

Hi Folks,

Last evening, Judy and I went for a hike along the old Ohio Canal just outside of Zoar, Ohio. From the parking area we turned west toward Fort Laurens. It’s early Spring so there is not much in the way of greenery yet, but these critters are out in abundance.

The Ohio Canal runs parallel to the Tuscarawas river and back in the day used the river for its water source

That’s the Tuscarawas River on the right, and the Ohio Erie Canal on the left. You will notice that the trail ahead is graveled and reasonably level. It is great for both hiking and bike riding. (No motors allowed.)

We continued along the path and approximately 3/4 of a mile from the parking lot, we found this walk-around.


It;s a boardwalk that gets you around this old railroad abutment that once carried the railroad coming out of Zoar over the canal,

Can you imagine an old post Civil War locomotive hauling passengers in train cars, crossing over a canal boat hauling a farmers corn to Coshocton?


I forgot to mention that just as we entered the boardwalk some kind person left us this.

Judy wouldn’t eat hers, so I ate both. I’m sure Judy regretted her decision later.

We continued up the path to Lock 10. It’s about 2 miles from the parking lot, so since this is just an evening walk. it will be our destination.

I know you can’t read it but I took the picture so you would know that I made it!

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